"Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks." — Dr. Seuss
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Our Bookish Family Tale

Once upon a time there was a young couple who aspired to raise a bookish child. They found out they were pregnant with their first child while stationed in a small town in the Land of Enchantment. Eager to start at the right path for their unborn child, the couple found out about a wonderful service that delivers books to their lovely abode every month. Some books were wonderful. Some were not. But still the couple were pleased to build a home library for their unborn child. They are so anxious that they would read aloud every night to their unborn child. But then, the unthinkable happened…

Their unborn child was too beautiful and too perfect to stay with them on Earth. So, he turned into a beautiful angel. The couple was distraught. It felt their heart shattered into millions of pieces. And the little home library they built for their child brought heartache and tears. But one day, the couple opened up one book from their angel child’s home library and read it out loud as they would have as if their first born were with them physically. Tears were shed and their hearts still ached but something marvelous happened, they felt connected to their angel baby. And so the couple set up a special spot for their angel baby by their bedside with their Molly Bear and every night, the couple would have read a bedtime story. The couple’s heart started to slowly heal. Through books, the couple formed a wonderful both with their baby in heaven.

Then one day, the couple were blessed with another child, their rainbow child. They were ecstatic! But the excitement was mixed with so much apprehensions. At each doctor’s visit, the couple were given horrible news that their second child have very little chance of surviving. But the couple never gave up hope. They thought if reading books aloud to our angel child help us heal, then perhaps reading to their rainbow baby would help strengthen their hope.

When their rainbow baby was born, she had to go through multiple surgeries. Though the couple could not hold their rainbow baby due to plethora of wires on her, the couple sat every day and every night at her bedside to read bedtime stories. Until one day, their rainbow baby recovered from her surgeries and is strong enough to go home. But their bedtime stories did not stop. The couple continued reading to their angel baby and rainbow baby at home. Unbeknownst to the couple, their rainbow child developed the love for books. Their rainbow child would choose books over toys!

Shortly, the couple had another baby girl. Their reading tradition continues. Their rainbow child is slowly taking over “reading” for her angel brother and her baby sister.

The couple was so pleased with the bond that they developed with their kids that they decided to share this to the world. They wanted to help families establish their own bookish traditions in hopes of developing an everlasting family bond.