"Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks." — Dr. Seuss
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Baby Bear Book Pack
Book Trotters

Baby Bear Book Pack

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Product Overview

For more information about our Book Pack subscription, please check out our Book Pack Club page. Baby Bear Book Pack is ideal for families with up to 2 kids from different age group. It ensures each pack will have at least one book per young reader in the family. 

Subscribers can see savings up to 60% (maybe more) on their subscription box. We reward loyalty to our subscription box by loading every 6th Book Pack you subscribed to with double book value.* So, if you subscribed to this box today and opted for shipping every 60 days, by around this time today, we your Baby Bear Book Pack will grow to include $45 to $50 in book value. Cost to you, same as always, $25 plus your shipping cost. 

This perk is available for the life of your subscription. It's not a one time deal. Let's say you are really happy with Book Trotters and continue your subscription with us and you hit your 12th Book Pack subscription delivery. Well that 12th package we will prepare for you would also contain $45 to $50 in book value. 

What Do You Get?

It varies from one Pack to another. So, no pack shipped from our warehouse is the same.  We review your completed readers profile to select books to include in your pack. We make sure every Book Pack we put together will have at least one book for every reader identified in your profile (for up to two readers). 

Baby Bear Pack could accommodate up to five paperback books, up to three board books, or up to three hardcover books. 

How It Works

We try to make this simple as possible without depriving you of your options to customize your pack. Although this subscription box is limited to 2 readers, you can complete a reader profile for up to 5 readers. We will rotate the book selections for 2 kids per box. For instance, you provided a reader profile for four (4) kids. The first box will contain books for two kids only starting from the youngest (unless specified otherwise). The next subscription box will contain books for the other two kids in your file. And this sequence will go on throughout the life of your subscription. You can always request for a change on the book selection at any time.

After you sign up, within one to two days, we will establish a member subscription portal for you. This link will be available under the Book Club on the website's main menu. Your name should show up there. We post updates, news, and what have you on your portal. We also do sneak peek of your subscription box. You can request for changes there if you are not happy with our selection. We try to accommodate your request to a great extent as practicable.


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Questions & Answers

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  • Do you ship to japan? Second, how can I tell which books are appropriate for a baby 2 months old, say age range 0 to 2 years?

    Hello. Thank you so much for your interest. We currently do not ship to Japan. However, we are looking at options to make our subscription plan available internationally. 

    To answer your question, this is a great feedback. We will work on updating our book description to make sure we address this concern. As of right now, all we have is age range.